The Vermont Beekeeper's Cookbook

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Published by the Vermont Honey Promotions Board, The Vermont Beekeeper's Cookbook contains over 100 fantastic recipes, tried and true compiled by Vermont Beekeepers.  From Breakfast, Breads and Beverages, to Fruits, Meats, Poultry, Fish, Dressings, Sauces, Condiments and Desserts, this cookbook is a must for honey lovers everywhere. Includes a special section on home healing remedies.

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Natural Beekeeping

Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture: Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition

Paperback 276 pages| $45.00  (includes free shipping and handling)
Ross Conrad; Illustrations by Elayne Sears
Beekeepers face new challenges in keeping bees alive and healthy but until now there's been no holistic orientation on beekeeping. NaturalBeekeeping offers up an alternative to chemical practices and delivers a program of natural hive management to produce long-term solutions to today's beekeeping challenges: naturally resistant, healthier hives. Both novices and neo-pros receive tips on everything from genetics and breeding to pests and harvesting, with chapters coming from one who learned from world-renowned beekeeper Charles Mraz and his son Bill Mraz. 

Natural Beekeeping

The Land of Milk and Honey: A History of Beekeeping in Vermont

From a small state comes a big book of beekeeping history, "The Land of Milk and Honey: A history of beekeeping in Vermont." Six Vermont beekeepers, led by established authors Bill Mares and Ross Conrad, have gathered up the geniuses and oddballs, inventors and saints of the more than 250 years of Vermont's beekeeping history. This book is a must read for anyone interested in how bees and beekeeping got to where they are today in Vermont and the US. The Land of Milk and Honey provides a powerful testament of the state’s oversized leadership to protect our nation’s pollinators and challenges other states to write their own beekeeping histories.

The Land of Milk and Honey follows the trials and tribulations of notable and anonymous beekeepers in Vermont from the early 1800’s through the next 200 years. The history includes such beekeeping highlights as the “Vermont Beehive,” patented in 1836 by John Moseley Weeks of Salisbury, as Vermont's most prominent entry in a worldwide search to modernize traditional hives. Other Vermont beekeeper-inventors were Augustin Manum and his “Bristol Chaff Hive” and James Crane of Bridport, who pioneered the use of cardboard cases for the packing of honey comb. Charles Mraz of Middlebury who bought out the Crane business, became world famous for his invention of the fume board and his passionate advocacy for apitherapy.  
This study provides a microcosm of Americans' relationship with bees, the "farming for intellectuals" in Sue Hubbell's lively phrase. Land of Milk and Honey explores the relationship between the people of Vermont and the countryside they inhabit: a land and people that shift and change through the centuries in ways that directly affect the health and well-being of bees and its beekeepers.  One region of Vermont, Addison County, consistently has been the epicenter of Vermont beekeeping as it exemplified the matrix between bees, forage, fruits and herbavores to become a veritable "land of milk and honey."  It continues to produce roughly half of all Vermont's honey.  To give a broader flavor to the book, its authors come from different parts of the state. Two of them are from ground zero of beekeeping in Vermont, Addison County. Together the authors average 25-years experience in beekeeping, and all teach the craft of beekeeping formally and informally.

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