"I've been meaning to write to you to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book Natural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture several years ago.  And your articles in Bee Culture are so fantastic and expressive, I just can't tell you how great all this is. 
It's good to know you're carrying on Sun Bear's spirit of "growing corn."  I'm sure he's grinning up there somewhere when he sees what you're doing for the 6 legged winged ladies and the few gents out there, and in bringing 'relatedness' to the people.  It's very good what you are doing to help educate us new-bees and even the senior members of this important relationship we have on a conscious level and for some on the more unconscious level with these relatives.  And I think it is good that you are striving to show the more 'mainstream' of our species just how important this is.  Most of us would not act as we do if we had and maintained the kind of awareness you are working so well to disseminate. 
 So I thank you for carrying on Sun Bear's wisdom and that of his elders and the many other elders out there now and those who have gone on, those who try and tried to impart this awareness of relatedness to the people. 
 This is "good medicine" as I can just about hear him say from across the divide.  You are definitely "growing corn." 
 Thank you for doing all the good work you are doing. 
 All my relations -  Mitakuye oyasin - Many blessings -Steve

"Your book was the first bee book I had. I then went to some county sponsored courses and knew that was not for me. I have stuck with your principles. I only have one hive, but I love it very much and my bees are thriving being fed fresh honey, fresh chemical and fluoride free water, and treated the best I know how.
   Thank you so much for your work and sharing of it. Never in the history of mankind have we needed your knowledge more." - Adrian

"All of us want to let you know that we had a wonderful experience at your workshop.  We found your experiences, knowledge and presentation to be over the top!!  We all were pleased with the material covered, hive building class and working with the hives.  The people in the class were a super bunch!
Metta Earth facilities, food and people were excellent.  We greatly enjoyed talking with Gillian and her employees about numerous topics, relating to gardening, farm animals and nature.
After meeting you I find reading your book much more interesting and enjoyable. We all look forward to handling our bees with your ease, knowledge and understanding.
I  proclaim Ross Conrad "The Beekeepers Beekeeper" - Allen and Family, Vermont

"I just finished reading Natural Beekeeping for the second time.  I read the first edition before I started in beekeeping about four years ago.  I bought my friend, who just got started in beekeeping, the book and noticed it was a revised edition, so  I just had to get another one for myself (I've bought three of your books so far). I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the book.  Your philosophy on life (it's surprising how much life knowledge you impart in the book) mirrors mine and I've adopted your techniques and standards as my standards for the way I manage my bees." - Ben, Michigan

"I have been reading your revised book and I am enjoying it. While not everyone will agree with everything your saying. As someone who went the route of a biologist and environmental studies in college I do appreciate a fresh view and anything that honestly makes me question my own practices." - John, Virginia

"Just wanted to thank you for making the trek down to CT. to present in Falls Village this past Friday. Your presentation was enjoyable, educational and so inspiring to folks who've learned mostly about mechanical beekeeping methods. Thanks for sharing your sustainable research findings and caring for the bees in a way we can all feel good about emulating!" - Alicia, Connecticut

"I want to say thanks for taking the time that you did in writing your book, I have read it over and over time and time again. It has helped me become a better beekeeper. My bees have done quite well, since I have used what I have learned from your book.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge.  Also, I have used beekeeping as therapy for PTSD and it has done wonders for my disability. I have learned a lot from the little hard working girls and your book." - Eirik, Washington

"Thank you so much for a great & inspiring class.  My husband and I are happy to be joining the apiary community. Beekeeping is a great fit for us; My husband has a background in farming and this will be a great way to incorporate that in a modern lifestyle. I am a massage therapist and plan on incorporating apitherapy in my practice. We are thrilled.  Thanks for helping us take our first steps!" - Wendy, Maine

"...Your workshop was so great. I can't thank you enough. I am not having bees this year, but am thinking about next....without bears, if possible." - Erika, Massachusetts

"...I just finished reading your book. I read it like a novel. Lots of good info and enjoyed reading it." - Richard, New York

I just wanted to tell you that your honey was the best stuff I've ever had.  I finished off the jar you gave us, and got some that was locally made here in NC...it couldn't hold a candle to yours, so I just put a check in the mail so I can get my fix again. I think I'm addicted to the stuff. - Ruth, North Carolina

...Natural Beekeeping promises a holistic method for maintaining healthy hives, but it might altogether change your perspective on beekeeping. Instead of looking at bees as livestock, to be corralled, or shepherded toward ever greater honey production, Conrad presents a set of ground rules to sustain your bees as they go about the all important tasks of reproduction, pollination, and setting aside winter stores. He liberally peppers each chapter with personal stories that explain his extensive beekeeping experience, and the many potholes he fell into along the way. He communicates his philosophy about apiculture without being preachy or dogmatic. Like the proverbial spoonful of honey helping the medicine go down, he sneaks in a mountain of technical and practical information along the way. 
...Wherever you live on the agrarian edge, whether you already keep bees, or plan to in the future, this book belongs on your book shelf. At a suggested retail price of $35-it's far cheaper than the cost of fall treatments for a small apiary. Do yourself, the bees and the environment a favor-read it and find out what all the buzz is about. - Charles Capaldi, Small Farmer's Journal, Fall 2007

I've been wanting to tell you for the past couple of weeks about our last visit to England. We attended a dinner party in London, the 70th birthday party of a good friend.  We wanted to bring the hosts a gift and we brought them a jar of your honey.  We weren't sure they would appreciated it, but it turned out that one of them considers himself a connoisseur of honey.  He opened the jar, sniffed it and was in ecstasy.  His comment was that yours was the right stuff. - Victor, Vermont

Beekeepers face new challenges in keeping bees alive and healthy but until now there's been no holistic orientation on beekeeping.  NATURAL BEEKEEPING: ORGANIC APPROACHES TO MODERN APICULTUREoffers up an alternative to chemical practices and delivers a program of natural hive management using nontoxic methods to control mites, eliminate common bee diseases, and produce naturally resistant, healthier hives.  Both novices and neo-pros receive tips on everything from genetics and breeding to pests and harvesting, with chapters coming from one who learned from world-renowned beekeeper Charles Mraz.  Any collection strong in organic gardening, harvesting or beekeeping needs NATURAL BEEKEEPING. -  Diane C. Donovan, California Bookwatch - Midwest Book Review

Your book was very down to earth, practical, and a lot more hands on than I expected. It was a great read. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. - Richard, Virginia