Saturday May 19-Sunday May 20, 2018 - Beginning Organic Beekeeping Class - Metta Earth Institute, 334 Geary Rd. South, Lincoln, Vermont  9:00am – 5:00pm
This workshop provides an introduction for folks interested in small scale and part-time (backyard) beekeeping. The workshop will present a balanced view of natural and organic beekeeping topics and practices including:
location and equipment requirements
basic honey bee biology
swarming as an expression of the bees vitality
presence and mindfulness in the bee yard
non-toxic pest and disease control
an appreciation for the role that pollinators and beekeepers play within the Earth’s ecosystem
The program will be punctuated with an open hive demonstration with the opportunity for hands-on experience weather permitting.
Fee: $120 per person
(includes course text: Natural Beekeeping 2nd Edition)

Register: Call 802-349-4279 or email: dancingbhoney@gmail.com 

Sunday May 27, 2018 - Advanced Beekeeping Class, Middlebury Inn, Court Street, Middlebury, Vermont  9:00am-5:00pm

This workshop builds on the beginner class and covers working with Queens, nucleus colonies and swarms. We will also follow the products from the hive (pollen, propolis, honey, wax, royal jelly and bee venom) from production through harvesting, processing and final uses especially as they apply to health and healing (apitherapy). There will be an opportunity for a hand’s-on nuc making session weather permitting.
Fee: $65 per person
Call 802-349-4279 or email: dancingbhoney@gmail.com

Saturday June 23, 2018 - Knox-Lincoln County Beekeepers, Newcastle, Maine

Organic Varroa Mite Control in Beehives - Beekeeping was the only major agricultural endeavor in the U.S. that did not rely on toxic chemical pesticides until the late 1980's when Varroa mites became established in America. Throughout history pests have always developed chemical resistance causing industry to rely on progressively higher concentrations and more toxic compounds in response.  Beekeeping has followed the same path as the rest of industrial agriculture.  Ross will share the "how to" of numerous techniques to keep bees alive in the face of Varroa, what works and what doesn't, for getting off the chemical treadmill.  Topics covered include: Genetics and breeding, Trapping, Screened Bottom Boards, Essential Oils, Organic Acids, Small Cell Foundation, and more.

Sunday August 5, 2018 - Capital Area Beekeepers, Concord, New Hampshire - TBA

Friday September 21 - Sunday September 23, 2018 - Common Ground Country Fair, Unity, Maine


Sunday October 14, 2018 - Long Island Bee Club - Mini Conference - TBA

Wednesday October 31, 2018 - Berg Bees - Pittsburg, Pennsylvania - TBA

Friday November 2 - Saturday November 3, 2018 - Pennsylvania State Beekeepers' Association, State College, Pennsylvania

Organic Beekeeping: Do's and Don'ts  - Ross will share the "how to" of numerous techniques to reduce stresses on honey bee health and keep bees alive despite the numerous challenges they face that range from pesticides to climate disruption. Topics covered include: Non-toxic varroa control, wax moth and SHB control, natural/organic virus and nosema solutions, treatment-free beekeeping, and more.