Most Saturdays ongoing throughout the year (9am - 12:30pm) and Wednesdays (May -October)- Middlebury Farmer's Market. VFW on Exchange Street, Middlebury - Honey booth and book signings

October 4, 2018 - Pesticide Panel - Bennington College - (7pm-8:30pm)Free and open to the public


Sunday October 14, 2018 - Long Island Bee Club - Mini Conference -

Pesticides and Honey Bee Health – Ross shares some of what he learned as a member of the Vermont Pollinator Protection Committee, tasked by the Vermont legislature to come up with a state pollinator protection plan. In his presentation, Ross Conrad summarizes the latest scientific research on the effect of pesticides on honey bees and other pollinators, the impacts of pesticide regulation in the U.S.A and around the world, and provides concrete ways that beekeepers, homeowners, farmers and gardeners can assist pollinators with the challenges of pesticides.

Thursday October 18, 2018 - Paul Smiths College, New York- TBA

Friday November 2 - Saturday November 3, 2018 - Pennsylvania State Beekeepers' Association, State College, Pennsylvania

Working with Queens:
Ross Conrad from Dancing Bee Gardens will provide information they need to work productively with queens. Participants will learn how to better differentiate between healthy queens and unhealthy ones, receive tips on introducing queens into a hive or nuc and how to address the various queen problems that may arise. Note: this workshop is NOT about breeding queens and grafting.

Treatment-Free Beekeeping:
Treatment-free beekeeping is gaining interest especially among backyard and small scale beekeepers. Ross shares his preliminary data on a three-year SARE grant study that tests the efficacy of treatment-free beekeeping using scientific methods.

Natural/Organic Controls for Pests and Diseases (other than Varroa):

Natural and organic options will be shared for controlling everything from Bears and Skunks, to Wax Moths, Small Hive Beetles, Foulbrood, Nosema, Viruses, CCD Symptoms, and more.

Saturday November 10, 2018 - Mount Abe Craft Fair - Bristol, Vermont

Saturday December 1, 2018 - Middlebury Holiday Market - Mary Hogan Elementary School, Middlebury, Vermont