Beekeeper For Hire / Consultation Services

  • Unsure how to hive your package of bees?
  • Want help figuring out why your bees died?
  • Just want someone to walk you through your initial hive visit?

Organic Beekeeping consultation service: available at the rate of $80 an hour for consultation. While most consultations are offered either by phone or e-mail, I can also do on-site consultations at the same rate with a $80 per hour driving time fee (measured only while traveling to the on-site location from my home in Middlebury, Vermont). Of course if you catch me in person, I am happy to answer any and all questions gratis.


Ross Conrad learned his craft from the late Charles Mraz, world renowned beekeeper and promoter of apitherapy. Conrad is a former president of the Vermont Beekeepers Association, a regular contributor to Bee Culture - The Magazine of American Beekeeping, and author of Natural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture. Ross has given bee related presentations and led organic beekeeping workshops and classes throughout North America for many years. His beekeeping business, Dancing Bee Gardens, supplies friends, neighbors with honey and candles among other bee related products, has 5-frame nucleus bee colonies for sale each June, and provides bees for Vermont apple pollination in the spring.