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Caring for bees organically: producing raw honey without dangerous synthetic chemicals & antibiotics.

Raw Honey & Bee Products
 Votive Candles     Propolis Tincture
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Dancing Bee honey is an artisanal honey produced in relatively small batches once a year.  In order to produce truly unheated, unfiltered honey, our yearly supply is all bottled during the last half of August and the first half of September.  This means that we may run into shortages later in the year.  As a result, we no longer ship honey. All honey sales are kept local or at special events, fairs, etc.  (See our Scheduled Events for times when we will be in your area)  If you can't make it to Vermont or one of our events, we recommend that you buy your honey from your local beekeeper.

Since no heat is used during any portion of the extracting process, Dancing Bee honey will not be in liquid form unless purchased between approximately August 31-November 15, before the harvest has had time to crystallize and turn into creamy, crystallized honey butter.

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Shipping & Handling Charges
(Contiguous 48 states only. All others contact us for a quote)
These are not Honey prices -shipping fees only - Honey only available from us directly...in person (see above).

1 pound = $6.00
2 pounds= $8.50
3 pounds= $12.25
4 pounds= $16.00
5 pounds= $16.00
6 pounds= $16.00
7 pounds= $19.00
8 pounds= $20.00
9 Pounds= $21.00
10 pounds=$22.00
11 pounds=$23.00
12 pounds=$23.95
13 pounds=$24.80
14 pounds=$25.50
15 pounds=$25.40
16 pounds=$27.00
17 pounds=$27.75
18 pounds=$28.61
19 pounds=$29.30
20 pounds=$30.00
Over 20 pounds please contact us for a shipping quote

When figuring Shipping & Handling for your order, please calculate weight to the nearest pound above your order in order to cover the cost of the packaging materials. (e.g. 8ozs = 1 lb -- One 1 lb jar =2 lbs, etc)

Make checks payable to: Ross Conrad and mail to:

Ross Conrad
Dancing Bee Gardens
PO Box 443
Middlebury, Vermont 05753

Please allow 7-10 days for your order to ship
Pure Beeswax Candles with 100% cotton wicks

Votives (1 7/8 inches tall)- $3.00 each 
Contact us for a shipping quote on candles

Propolis Tincture
$20.00 per 1oz bottle

Make checks payable to: Ross Conrad and mail to:

Ross Conrad
Dancing Bee Gardens
PO Box 443
Middlebury, Vermont 05753
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