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Caring for bees organically: producing raw honey without dangerous synthetic chemicals & antibiotics.

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  • Natural Beekeeping

  • Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture: Revised and Expanded 2nd Edition

  • Paperback 276 pages| $34.95  | S&H $4.00 per copy
  • Ross Conrad; Illustrations by Elayne Sears
  • Beekeepers face new challenges in keeping bees alive and healthy but until now there's been no holistic orientation on beekeeping. Natural Beekeeping offers up an alternative to chemical practices and delivers a program of natural hive management to produce long-term solutions to today's beekeeping challenges: naturally resistant, healthier hives. Both novices and neo-pros receive tips on everything from genetics and breeding to pests and harvesting, with chapters coming from one who learned from world-renowned beekeeper Charles Mraz and his son Bill Mraz.

    Passage from Natural Beekeeping:
    "Since the honey bee exerts such a powerfully beneficial influence on the natural world around us, it seems logical to assume that our own efforts to help the honey bee thrive can indirectly benefit all of nature. As a result, we beekeepers are, for the most part, a collegial lot; we exist in a kind of friendly competition with one another. We certainly do not have a situation where there are too many beekeepers in the U.S. In fact, I believe that we need more beekeepers in this world, and those beekeepers need to be successful in apiculture. This motivates me to do whatever I can to assist to my fellow apiculturists, which includes answering questions, offering advice, and even occasionally providing on-site inspections and evaluations of hives. The most common questions I encounter revolve around how I manage to keep my bees healthy and achieve relatively low winter losses compared to the conventional beekeepers all around our area, who typically experience much larger losses. By sharing what I’ve learned with less experienced folks, I hope to aid them in keeping their bees alive and healthy, and that, through the good work they accomplish with their honey bees, we can all help to leave the world in better condition than we’ve found it. This book is my attempt to share some of the insights I have gained, along with specific “how to” information on keeping bees in an ecological way, in the hopes that others will find something of use that may be applied to their work in apiculture. This has become my primary motivation for writing this book. As with beekeeping in general, it certainly isn’t for the money. "


    The Vermont Beekeeper's Cookbook 

  • Paperback 32 pages| $5.00  | S&H $2.00 per copy
  • Published by the Vermont Honey Promotions Board, The Vermont Beekeeper's Cookbook contains over 100 fantastic recipes, tried and true compiled by Vermont Beekeepers.  From Breakfast, Breads and Beverages, to Fruits, Meats, Poultry, Fish, Dressings, Sauces, Condiments and Desserts, this cookbook is a must for honey lovers everywhere. Includes a special section on home healing remedies.



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